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Website Terms & Conditions of Use

This website is owned and operated by Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society. Contact details are available from the homepage. By using this website, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Condition of Use.

Website Purpose

The website is intended to provide a source of information about the Society and amateur radio. The target audience of the website is the Society's members and anyone else who is interested in amateur radio.

Website Content

The content of the website is primarily about the Society's aims, objectives, activities and history. It is also a source of important information for members. The website may also contain general features or images related to amateur radio, from a variety of sources. The website page content is suitable for viewing by all age groups.

You may only access the website content using standard end user web browsing applications and techniques.

Note that where hyperlinks are provided to amateur radio related websites operated by other organisations, the Society is not responsible for the content of the external websites.


The copyright of all material, files and images on the website is owned by the Society, or individual contributors. No material, files or images may be downloaded, or copied from the website without permission in writing, unless an exception is indicated in the description or they are general files such as application forms etc. The website also uses some royalty-free images in the page designs. These can be found online via the Pixabay website.

Privacy & Cookies

The website uses 'cookies' for essential functionality purposes ('strictly necessary' and session cookies) which are always active and other 'third-party' cookies, which are optional.  You are able to change your cookies preferences at any time by means of an icon, which appears in the bottom left of all our pages. Traffic analysis data is currently provided to us by Plausible Analytics, who do not collect any personal identifiable information about you.  We also use CookieYes to provide the cookie compliance banner and preferences manager dialogue.  Please visit our Cookie Policy page for more detailed cookie information.

Please be aware that, in common with most other websites, page access and file downloads are logged by the server. The server log files will contain the IP address from which the page access request came, but this will only be used to indicate country or region for statistical purposes (and we have no interest in undertaking the complex and lengthy task of trying to pinpoint exact visitor locations!). No server log files or any other detailed log information will be disclosed by us to third parties unless it is required by law.

If you send a email to a contact email address published on the website, obviously we will know who you are from the email. This mechanism is separate from website operations; please see Data Protection below.

Compatibility and Accessibility

We cannot guarantee universal website compatibility with any particular software or end user device. Measures have been taken during development to ensure the website will be usable as far as possible, involving testing with popular operating systems and modern browsers. Pages have been designed to be mobile 'phone friendly in order to allow viewing without too much horizontal scrolling being required, but you must accept that page formatting will inevitably change on narrow screens. Pages can be enlarged via the browser 'zoom' feature and most images and hyperlinks on the website have text attribute labels ('alt' text), which may be useful to visitors requiring the use of screen-reading software.

Data Protection - GDPR

As stated above, the website does not collect information which will be used to personally identify visitors. However, if you send an email, or contact us, the communication will (normally) indicate your identity or contain other information. In such a situation, we must assume that you are giving us your consent to store the information given to us. The Society ensures that all information is collected, stored and used as intended. We will securely keep your information, which will only be seen and used by the appropriate committee members and officials of the Society. Your details will not be passed to any other member or third party without your permission, except when appropriate (eg for examination bookings) or required by law. We will keep the information until you ask us to no longer keep it, or until it is no longer required.

Members are asked to sign a GDPR consent form upon joining the Society, where they can also indicate their preferred method to receive communications (email is preferred to keep costs down).

Version 1.3d - Last updated: 8th April 2024