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Graphic of a basic oscilloscope

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September 2023 - March 2024 - Basic Electronics Tutorial Sessions

Jim GM3ZMA has recently run some basic electronics tutorials for members. Several of the presentations used at these sessions are now available here in PDF format for personal use.

Jim has also supplied the following note:

These files were originally written as PowerPoint presentations to support short tutorial sessions explaining various aspects of basic electronics as applicable to amateur radio. They are not a comprehensive treatise on any specific topic. Jim Butler GM3ZMA   

Project - A Delta Loop Antenna for 70MHz

This is a simple and low cost antenna for 70MHz, which is easy to make using some plumbing fittings and items found in most amateur junk boxes.  The details were provided by Graham GM4OBD as a Club project in 2022 and was very popular with members.  The illustrated instructions for building the antenna are available here as a PDF file for personal download and use.



Online EMF Calculator From The RSGB

Use this online web application to calculate your EIRP from practical station parameters, then calculate compliance distances from ICNIRP reference levels for your station. This is the latest version so includes frequencies below 10MHz. Click here for the RSGB's online EMF Calculator. The link opens from the RSGB website in a separate window. 

Alternatively, click here to visit the RSGB website EM Exposure page where you can find more information and advice about using the calculator.

Circuit board representation