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The Junk Sale is held on the first Thursday of the month.

Please note that you must be a current member of AARS to attend a Junk Sale.  However, members of radio clubs from further afield who are visiting the area are welcome to attend on a Junk Sale evening.

The type, quality and quantity of junk available at the Junk Sales can vary widely.  This can range from complete shack 'clearances' to individual higher value items brought in by members.  The items on offer are not always junk!  The minimum bid is £1, and some items may be subject to a reserve price.  The Society charges a 10% commission on the hammer price of junk sold, or the proceeds of the sale can be donated to Society funds.

Members can also buy a draw ticket on Junk Sale evenings for a chance to win a cash prize.  Tickets are just 50p each.

Rules for Junk Sales

For some time, the Committee had been concerned about the amount of junk that is left in the radio shack after Junk Sales. This greatly restricts the use of the shack and the Committee agreed a set of Rules to be applied from May 2022. These changes will make life easier for the Auctioneer, Treasurer and members as sales should progress at a livelier pace.

  • NO Junk Sale items are to be left in the shack. If an item was brought in by a member and it didn’t sell, it is their responsibility to remove it at the end of the sale. However, unsold items can be brought back to be offered at a future sale.

  • If items from a Silent Key (SK) sale are left unsold, they are to be returned to the SK family by the member acting on behalf of the SK family. Alternatively, items could be retained by the member and entered again, into a future sale.

  • Small, low value lots such as resistors, capacitors etc, are to be divided into smaller units and offered for sale on a side table by the member.  Prices should be attached to each unit and money collected by the member. The Society will not collect its normal 10% commission for these sales.

  • Items which don’t sell in the auction will be placed on one side by the Auctioneer and can offered FOC by the seller if desired (or removed) at the end of the sale.

  • If a significant number of items  (eg 10 or above) are offered by one member then we ask that each item is numbered and listed on two separate sheets to be given to the Auctioneer and the Treasurer. This will speed up the sale, and aid both the Auctioneer and Treasurer greatly.

  • It is the responsibility of purchasers to examine and determine the condition of item(s) offered in the Junk Sale, prior to bidding.  Mains powered equipment on offer may not have undergone PAT testing and a successful bidder must satisfy themselves as to the safety (or suitability) of such equipment before connecting it to the mains supply.  The Society accepts no responsibility for the condition (or suitability) of any items purchased in a Junk Sale.

AARS Committee