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Regular Club Nets

There is a choice of nets throughout the week on several different bands. Everyone can call in on any of the nets. You don't have to be a Club member to be made welcome and often stations from outside the area (particularly on HF) will call in to say hello and exchange signal reports. Our regular participants are always interested to hear how well their signals are being heard elsewhere in the UK, so please call in if you are listening to the net!

Click here for the CW Practice Net.

All times are local clock time. Page last updated 27 October 2023.

If there are any announcements (eg temporary changes etc) then they will be shown in the 'News Box' on the website homepage.

HF - 80m SSB Net

This net takes place on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. Time: 1930 to 2030 - Frequency: 3.740MHz (or upwards)

If there is QRM on the usual frequency at the start time, then the controller will find a nearby clear higher frequency and put out a call there instead.

The controllers for this net are Fred GM3ALZ (usually Tuesday) and Graham GM4OBD (usually Sunday).

VHF - Lunchtime 2m FM Net

This net takes place on weekdays and (most) weekends. Time: 1330 - 1400. Frequency: 145.550MHz (channel S22).

The net controller is usually Ritchie GM1LKD (or Bill GM0NRT if Ritchie is unavailable).

VHF - Midweek Evening Nets

2m FM Net - Wednesday evening. Time: 1900 - 1920. Frequency: 145.350MHz (channel S14).

The net controller is Graham GM4OBD. Note that this net moves to 4m SSB at 1920 (see below).

4m FM & CW/SSB Net - Wednesday evening. Time: 1920 - 2000. Frequency: 70.220MHz (SSB/CW) and 70.450MHz (FM).  Note the FM net may move up a channel if the calling frequency is busy.

This net starts on CW or SSB and then will transfer to the FM frequency at 1940. This is to allow stations with only FM available to participate. The net controller is Graham GM4OBD and he will initially call on both SSB/CW and listen for replies. Recommended polarisation for all modes is horizontal and everyone is welcome to call in.

VHF - Weekend Evening 6m SSB Net

This net takes place on a Sunday evening. Time: from 1900 - 1930. Frequency: 50.156MHz.

The net controller is Graham GM4OBD. Recommended polarisation is horizontal and everyone is welcome to call in.

UHF - Tuesday Evening 70cm FM Net

This net takes place on a Tuesday evening. Time: from 1930 - Frequency: 433.500MHz.

No further details available.

Tuesday CW Practice Net (and Club CW Sessions)

This net takes place on a Tuesday evening. Time: from around 2030 - Frequency: 3.556MHz (+/- QRM).

The net is run by Graham GM4OBD and caters for both beginners and those wishing to generally improve their CW. The first half hour is CW sent at 17 - 18wpm and often Tom GM0GHN (Forres), George MM0TGG (Aberdeen) and Allan GM4TEF (Peterculter) join the net. From 2100, the sending speed is reduced to below 14wpm and is geared towards beginners. The net is conducted entirely in standard QSO format and is open for anyone, local or otherwise, to join in.

There is also a half-hour CW session for beginners at the Club starting at 7pm, before the main meeting commences. It is run by Graham GM4OBD and takes place on Thursdays other than when there is a Junk Sale. All are welcome to take part but you will need to bring a pair of headphones fitted with a 3.5mm jack plug.