International Lighthouse Weekend 2006 – GB2GNL

A few pictures from 2006 International Lighthouse Weekend Girdleness Lighthouse at Greyhope Bay, Aberdeen on the 19th & 20th August.

Although foggy on Sunday morning, turned out a beautiful day.

A full size 40m loop was used (to the right of the lighthouse)

We used GB2GNL for this event and made a total of 300 contacts over the two days.


A 10M quad was also hastily erected (to the left of the lighthouse) although we only made 6 contact to Solvenia (3), Poland (1), Germany (1) & Liechtenstein (1) which surprised us for a flimsy piece of wire


Looking North from Walker Park, Aberdeen harbour entrance light at Footdee can also be seen but the pier is a little to far from safe ground.Perhaps work that one another year ?

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