Waterwheels & Windmills 2004

Finzean Bucket Mill

The “Internation Mills Weekend ” took place this weekend, 19th. 20th. May 2004. AARS organised one special event stations at Finzean Bucket Mill, GB2FBM
The weather was reasonable but with the possibility of a shower it was thought best to set up inside rather than out.

The Bucket mill building has aquired a coat of paint & some minor repairs since we last visited. The bucket turning machinery is fully operational. More information about the Bucket Mill and Birse Community Trust in general is available at their web sites Water Power and at Birse Community Trust

Pictures follow & thanks once again to Norman Hendry, GM8CBQ

The wood turning & log cutting building roof was renovated & painted last year. Large poles in the background might have made a good antenna support but the high voltage meant otherwise
.A little bit about Finzean and the Forest of Birse Commonty

Ellis GM4JLZ & Robert MM0HRS just after a cuppa

The G5RV antenna centre supported on a pole & extended to a convenient tree at each end

Stan GM4BKV operates and even finds time to instruct a student on site

Belt driven machinery was extensivly utilised and in this case for making buckets The way it was with water power from the Feugh. Fully restored, this is now a working mill again