21 Feb 2010
February 21, 2010

Guides at Aboyne 2010

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Guides Brownies and Cubs were present to achieve their communications badges on a cold snowy day on 21st February 2010

Pictures on Flickr depict the setting up of the VHF and HF stations. the dipole antenna trap can just be seen against the clear blue sky. Setting up is always the hardest part of any event station and many thanks go to the members who arrived early on a bitterly cold morning to put up the external dipole, VHF triband plus cables the antennas. Ladders, catapults, lead weights and a lot of patience in getting the dipole anchored to a lofty branch of the distant tree.
Lewis, GM4AJR, Graham, GM4 OBD and Seonag, 2M0IMP did a grand job of guiding the girls and boys through their prepared text.
Nervous, victorious and thrilled to bits was how the guide leader described the childrens feelings after the event.

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